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Hi to the Cedar Centre Part 2

Hi guys! Thankyou so much for all your lovely messages! Tom and I have just come out of the Pyrenees ( mountains) and have crossed the border into Spain.

Fahmina and Ruby: We are in a campsite just outside of a Spanish town called Ayerbe.

Sam Daly: Nice to meet you I look forward to getting to know you when I come back! Hope your enjoying your time at the Cedar Centre! Our bikes are touring bikes. Toms bike is a Dawes bike with 27 gears. It has 3 cogs at the front and 9 at the back with drop handlebars. My bike is a custom touring bicycle with 14 gears. It has 2 cogs at the front and 7 at the back. These are smaller than other bikes which makes it easier to get up those steep hills!

Lucy Ellie Ruby and Josh: We are eating alot Of good food and yes mostly healthy: Breakfast: a big bowl of muesli with banana. Snack: a piece of fruit with dried fruit bar or croissant/pan du chocolat.Lunch: Pain (french for bread) or pan( Spanish for bread ) with cheese and tomato sandwiches. Snack2: dried fruit nuts or cereal bar. Dinner: pasta rice or cous cous with vegetables pesto stock and cheese. We have also been treating ourselves to some local dishes. Tom had moules de frites one night which is mussels with chips. I had the vegetarian salad with Fromage de Chevre( cheese made from Goats milk).In Spain and France there are not many vegetarian options in restaurants so I have to ask the waiters if the chef can make something for me. This is difficult when I am in France as my French isnt to good.In Larrau they are French Basque. They have a different culture here and different types of food. Tom and I had a very nice meal in the French Basque town of Larrau in the Pyrenees.Tom had blue steak and a fish mouse starter with apricot tarts and mint icecream for desert. I had tomatoes with melon for a starter and an omelette with wild mushrooms and spicy peppers. For desert I had pistachio ice cream with sweet fruit bread, like bread pudding but better. Meals have been a definite treat !!

Hi Sonny: Yes I can say my legs are now hurting after the moutains!! We climbed very steep peaks with headwinds and sheep on the roads! I did have to get off at one stage and push my bike it was so steep!! Louie: We havent slept on the beach as its illegal to sleep on the beaches in France but the campsites have been very close to the beaches!

Lillie and Harrison Samantha and Faith: The beaches are beautiful and sandy near Biaritz in France. The water is cold as its the Atlantic coastline the same as the coastline of Cornwall. See pictures of Tom surfing! There are surf schools everywhere in this area of France and kids your age seem to surf and play beach football. Running is hardwork in the sand!

Callum: Yes I did find the mountains scary at times! Tom and I would ride along edges that would drop right down to rocky cliffs. I sometimes refused to look as there wasn't always a barrier. But we had no choice but to keep going. The down hill part was the hardest as the weight of the bikes with all our gear makes us go much faster down steep slopes. Sometimes my bike wouldn't fully brake and I would put my feet down to help me stop. We climbed a mountain 1531 metres high which is like climbing the Ditchling Beacon 8 times! Few we made it over and down into Spain!

Lillie: The tent is now dry and smelling much better after we aired it out in the sunshine. Or maybe we just got used to its smell?? Either way I am looking forward to a long bath when we return to England. Campsite showers arent always the best nor are they always hot!

I am missing you guys too! Its sounds like you have all also been really busy! We have one week left to get to Barcelona. Can someone add up all our miles from our blogs and tell us how far off 1000 miles we are??

Muchas Gracias!
Sarah and Tomx

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