Brighton 2 Barcelona

Day 22: Ayerbe to Huesca

24 miles

Kept up by the rustling of foxes in the night close by the tent again I didnt sleep very well. The campsite owner was patient enough with my Spanish to explain that we had to keep our bikes bags shoes and everything in the site bathrooms with the door shut. She explained how she lost many shoes and clothes to cheeky foxes!

Today we both were tired.

We definitely felt like we were in Spain surrounded by farely flat open fields covered in almond trees and no longer surrounded by lush green forests. We were saying our goodbyes to the difficult but beautiful Pyrenees! Today we rode with lorries and trucks until we reached a village at the base of an 11th century castle. The village of Loarre sits beneath the Castillo de Loarre. The castle looks as if it was carved into the rock face of the mountain. A stunning and powerful structure.We admired its beauty from afar and continued to Huesca where we passed through small cobblestone streets lined with houses attached and made of stone. No longer are we seeing the traditional white houses with red window shutters of the French Basque. We tried to follow some smaller roads to Huesca but somehow found ourselves back on the A road sharing with lorries and trucks. We made it to Huesca and after some lunch and an almond biscuit we realise we need to review our situation.

It turns out we have done 952 miles and have 186 miles to get to Barcelona. We have three days to do this as we have a train to catch on Friday. Our legs are aching over slight hills, the heat is strong and we have aches and sore we never knew about before. Can we do this really??We have to try! So we buy the map we need after our last one got blown down a mountain side and seek rest here in Huesca to gather our thoughts and feelings for the days ahead. Tomorrow we go to Lleida! Vamos por la manana!

Photo 1: The Castillo de Loarre

Photo 2: Hills on the road to Huesca

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