Brighton 2 Barcelona

Day 21 The Pyrenees

Anso to Ayerbe, 48miles at 12.3mph.

Anso is a lovely little village that has barely changed from medival times. The streets are cobbled and very narrow. The building of a recent road has connected the town with modern times and the local area, but it has heavily resisted change and new development to retain all its charm and character. When walking the alleyways the only clue of the 21 centry is the odd car that barely fits within the street. After another great meal, homemade meusli and freshly baked sourdough bread, at the Pasada Magoria we are very reluctent to leave. We go to the panederia, buy some fresh bread, local cheese and some chorizo (for me) and start our journey for the day.

We ride through the valley of Anso which has been formed by the river Veral. Progress is slow despite the fact we are going down hill, this is possibly the most beautiful part of the trip and we want to asborb it all rather than rush through it. Corner after corner we are treated to a new stunning veiw. The surrounding mountains are rocky and covered in beech, fir and pine trees, we ride through the cragy gaps formed by the river, which over hang the road at points. Vultures,falcons and other birds of prey soar around us. It seems we have been rewarded for the tough climbing and elements we faced getting over the Pyrenees with 30 miles of gentle desecnting through a beautiful valley. This is mountain riding at its best.

As the roads and horizon flatens out it seems we are leaving the mountains behind us, a quick look over the sholder and that is confirmed. The mountains we climbed rise up behind us and their peaks are lost in clouds with no blue sky in between.

We camp in a town called Ayerbe and reflect on our experience within the pyrenees.

Photo 1: The Veral river and the Valley of Anso

Photo 2: Entering the valley

Photo 3: Riding through the Valley

Photo 4: Leaving the mountains behind us

Photo 5: Los Mallos Riglos on the road to Ayerbe

Photo 6: The town of Binies in the valley of Anso

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