Brighton 2 Barcelona

Day 16 and 17 Rest our injuries in Anglet

A long ride 99 mile day and a fall on day 15 left us both feeling tired and slightly disheartened. Not to mention realising I had a sprained wrist which made me unable to change gears and break with my right hand.So we ventured in to Bayonne to forget cycling and be tourists. Cathedrals small cobblestone alleys, hot chocolate and croissant to cheer us up. It is here we make the decision to stay in a hostel camp site near the beach in Anglet for 2 days.

We use these days to be toutists and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and the devine beaches of Anglet. Tom indulges in some surfing lessons while we both indulge in Basque chocolates at L'Attelier du Choc. We are very aware that we are now in the French Basque region. French Spanish and Basque all seem to be spoken. Its becoming harder to decipher which language to use.

Photo 1: Bayonne cathedral and alleyways

Photo2: Tom surfing!

Photo 3: Anglet beach

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