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Day 23

Heusca to lleida, 84 miles, 12.5mph.

We set off from Heusca with the aim of getting to Barcelona in the next 2 days. We got an early start and make good progress, due the slightly down hill roads and the wind behind us. We can see the mountain range of Los Monegros to our right which we are avoiding! With one eye on the mileage counter, we cycle at a good pace with the thought of finishing and resting in our minds. 48 miles later, we have done it, 1000 miles! We stop and have lunch to celebrate in a very small town called Alcolea de Cinco, then it is back to the road to get to Lleida. We have not gone very far after lunch, when the clicking sound my pedal has been making for the last 500 miles stops, great! But then the pedal falls off!

Turns out the bearings had gone and the pedal has been slowly working its way off. Without the tools to fix it properly I am left riding with just the pedal spike on one side, which made riding slightly tricky. We arrive in Lleida and have a decision to make. We could get a new pedal and hit the road again tomorrow or we could get a train for the last section and be in Barcelona tonight. Looking at the map the roads to Barcelona are hilly and are all major highways which we have been trying to avoid. We decide on the train option which would give us a short time to enjoy Barcelona rather than cycling in and then getting on a train to leave straight away. We also have to hope our bike bags have been delivered to our friend, so we can take our bikes on the train home.

3 hours later we are in Barcelona! We haven ridden 1036 miles in 23 days. Time for a rest and some tapas!

Photo 1 Los Monegros Mountains

Photo 2 The 1000 mile mark

Photo 3 The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Photo 4 Barcelona cathedral

Photo 5 Packing the bikes

Photo 6 Bikes in Bags, ready for the train home

how are u miss monk from davina xx and tom
hello peeps xx

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